Cryptocurrency vs Fiat Currency

With the world moving towards a cashless society, understanding the difference between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies become all more important. Today both cryptocurrencies and fiat money can be used to make payments; however, there are few differences:

  • Tangibility–Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies and are operated as virtual coins, whereas fiat currency exists in the form of coins and notes. Being a physical currency, its hassle to carry around with vast chunks of money.
  • Supply – Fiat money has an unlimited supply, which means that the central authority has no cap in printing fiat money. In contrast, most cryptocurrencies have capitalization when it comes to their supply, which means that there will always be a set amount of coins in circulation.
  • Storage –Cryptocurrencies only exist online and are stored in digital wallets. While digital wallets are safe generally, there are reports of wallets being getting hacked. Fiat money, on the other hand, can be stored in various forms – in PayPal, it can be stored in digital form, and banks store the hard currencies.
  • Legality – Fiat currency is issued by the government and is regulated by the central bank. It is the legal tender for finalizing the transactions. Cryptocurrency, on the other hand, is a digital asset where the government has no control over. They are decentralized, and no central body has any control over their value.

Tron Price History

TRON aims to offer a decentralized global free content entertainment system that uses the blockchain technology. TRON protocol, which works on blockchain technology, allows the developers to create smart contracts and applications that are decentralized.

TRON is experiencing a downfall from few months. Experts say that the cryptocurrency could further fall up to level $0.018 before going up again. There is a reverse trend visible from the last few days as altcoins are giving a huge portion of their yearly gains.

At the beginning of 2019, TRX's price was about 0.0198 USD meaning that the coin has strong community support, and it has the potential to hit the new highs in the future to come.

TRON has handled more transactions than Ethereum, and the USD volume has trumped both Ethereum and EOS many times. TRON has shown a bearish trend in the past, and it looks the trend is soon going to change.

Key factors to buy Tron

TRON was created in 2017 by Justin Sun, and it is one of the most successful ICO of all time, which raised more than $81 million from the investors. TRON aims to decentralize the internet by allowing people to create, access, and store the media without involving the third party. TRON streamlines the entertainment and gaming content allowing anyone to offer the content on the TRON platform with no mediator or highly paid intermediaries. So all consumer has to do is contact the developer directly and pay them. TRON allows everyone to create and store their content on the blockchain network. The transaction process with TRON is also simple.Whenever a developer puts his content on the TRON network, the platform allows him to create a small trailer for his content for a few seconds. After watching the trailer, if the consumer likes the content, he can directly buy the content from the developer on the TRON network.

In the future, TRON will also allow the content creators to issue tokens and coins, just like the Ethereum. TRON’s own currency Tronix is available for purchase on various cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, HitBtc, OKEx, Mercatox, Coinegg, and Liqui.

Is TRON TRX a good investment?

TRON is a blockchain-based project which is created to build a platform for digital entertainment. Blockchain technology provides a decentralized data distribution platform that is fast, secure, and free from censorship.

Experts believe that TRON can be a good investment for investors as it eases the creation of new dApps and hastens the decentralization of platforms. Among the many partnerships of TRON, the one with the giant Bitmain, which is a leading producer and designer of ASIC chips, is the most significant one. TRON gets its popularity due to its partnerships and collaborations happening between many companies.

TRON is going to reach zenith under the leadership of its young founder Justin Sun. It will certainly prove to be a good investment for the future to come.